Bill Trinen and Reggie Fils-Aime - Bill Screaming, Reggie Laughing
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Reggie Fils-Aime laughed evilly as Bill Trinen accidentally recreated the famous Wilhelm scream in today’s surprise Nintendo Direct.

When someone’s Facebook status starts out “I’m not one to seek attention but…”

*insert appropriate reactive gif here*

I have not been this excited about summer since I was only a student and actually had summer breaks. June is going to be a big month for me.  I cannot wait. 

I get to see the Arctic Monkeys on the 14th, which should be good. Then on the 26th I get to see Paul McCartney, which I know will be fantastic because it’s Paul McCartney and he is a freaking legend. 

So, I get to see two awesome concerts. Now for some video games that I’m excited about.

Mario Kart 8 comes out at the end of May, which is basically June so I am including that.  Then Tomodachi Life comes out on the 6th, I don’t know a whole lot about this game, but I want it.  There are more, but I am just going to leave it at that for now because I’m hungry and I haven’t had breakfast yet.


The OTP to end all OTPs. <3


The OTP to end all OTPs. <3

I used to have the desire to pursue excellence in everything that I did.

Now I feel like I just want to get by.

I really appreciate everyone driving 10 under on the interstate this morning. And by everyone I mean the two semis driving practically side by side for the entire 15 miles I was on the interstate. Thanks.

I am really dragging this morning.  Not only did I wake up at 4:30 AM, but it is also cold. It’s in the lower 30’s which is cold for April, and it seems even colder in comparison to the 70 degree weather we’ve been having.

I’ve lost all motivation to get out of bed.

There was nothing pleasant about running outside today.

There were several things that were my fault.  I drank too much coffee and not enough water this morning, I also ate too soon before running.  Honestly, that’s usually not a major deal for me.

It snowed this morning, but it warmed up a bit outside.  According to the weather app on my phone it was in the mid-forties, and I looked outside to see the sun shining. Even though the weather conditions were not ideal, I thought it would be fine to go running.  I was wrong.

It must have been much colder than my weather app said.  Just a few minutes into my run it got really dark outside and started snowing.  I was running against the wind and the dang little snowflakes were hard and hurt when they hit my face. 

It was in the seventies over the weekend. Rude.

I don&#8217;t mind snow in the winter, but it&#8217;s April.

I don’t mind snow in the winter, but it’s April.


Did you know the biggest selling Nintendo 3DS game in the U.S is Mario Kart7 ?

Nintendo have announced a range of price cuts for 5 of the all time best selling Nintendo 3DS games to encourage new system sales.

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